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Whole Health Coach & Personal Fitness Trainer


Weight Management & Senior Fitness

Whether working with a group or individual, I help people make powerful mindset shifts for healthier lifestyles. I shun diet gimmicks and quick-fix, extreme approaches to weight loss and proudly do not represent or sell any products like many ‘coaches’ do. I help people make better choices for themselves without shoulds, deprivation or calorie counting. (Click here for a short video to learn more.)

With certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the leading nonprofit health coach and exercise professional certification organization, a Bachelor's of Science degree and 15 successful years in the corporate world, I understand business and how long office hours, a sedentary lifestyle and chronic stress can wear on one’s health. I help people counter those stressors by prioritizing their health and wellness routines. I help people understand that self-care isn’t selfish; it’s vital.

My empathy for my clients stems from both professional training and real-life experience. As a young adult, I struggled with excess weight, emotional eating and a nicotine addiction that took me more than a decade to conquer. In 2012, I reinvented my career to follow my long-held passion for wellness, and now share my expertise and enthusiasm to help others take control of their well-being, and adopt sustainable healthier lifestyle habits.

A no-obligation 15-minute discovery session by phone is yours for the asking. Get in touch to arrange yours.

To your good health!

Coach Gayle

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Giving back to my community and helping those in need is something I take to heart

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126 life-saving whole blood and platelet donations

5-time Red Cross blood drive coordinator

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Food drive collection coordinator to benefit area families served by Operation Food Search. More than 1,800 pounds of food collected!

Animal adoption shelter volunteer