Click on the “Be the Next Success Story” image for more information on how Whole Health Coaching works.

Click on the “Be the Next Success Story” image for more information on how Whole Health Coaching works.

REAL-LIFE, LASTING CHANGE. These whole health coaching case studies shine a spotlight on people who, with the accountability, support and encouragement from Coach Gayle, have come unstuck on their journey to better health and sustainable weight loss. We invite you to read beyond the headlines and impressive photo transformations to understand the deep-rooted changes these WhyPowered coaching clients achieved.


Jean Did It and So Can You!

By connecting to her Why, Jean took control of her health.

Jean’s vitals before coaching: Sedentary most of her life, tried many diets and would lose a few pounds, quit and gain them back. Had knee surgery and wanted to avoid a second surgery. Was painful to simply walk. Felt stuck and out of control with food choices.

Jean today: 70 pounds lighter with the accountability and support of Coach Gayle and a WhyPowered coaching group.

New lifestyle behaviors: Walks and enjoys intense gardening work nearly daily, no longer controlled by chocolate cravings, feels hopeful, confident and in control of her health, food and her life.

“My WhyPowered group and Coach Gayle made my transformative health journey possible. They helped me believe in my ability to succeed. My reinforcing success mantra is now 'Never Going Back!”—Jean C.

Watch Jean’s Story and Learn How She Did it!

Jean shares how finding her WhyPower helped her lose and keep off 70 pounds! Hear how she went from feeling “bleak” to getting her “life and health back.”

“My WhyPower is to move, grow and live with purpose.”

Note: Jean is one of many women Coach Gayle has helped shed 50 pounds or more without dieting, deprivation, counting calories or points


Abundant Energy, 53 Pounds Lighter

“Working with a coach was transformative. After a life-long struggle with my weight and countless fad diets, Coach Gayle has given me the tools I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’m making better choices about food and exercise daily, and with her help I’ve managed to lose 53 pounds in 9 months. I feel better at 41 than I did at 18!” —Mel J., St. Louis MO

Mel’s Vitals: 208 pounds, BMI: 31.62 (Grade II obesity )  

Completed a 20-week group health coaching program and extended with a group maintenance program for ongoing accountability and support.

‘Before’ behaviors:  Mostly sedentary, hesitant to get on floor to play with kids (difficulty getting up), low daily energy rating of 2 (of 10), eating a few pints of ice cream every week.  

Mel today
Shed 53 pounds; now 155 pounds, BMI 24.17 (‘normal’ and healthy range)

New behaviors: Regular physical activity, daily energy self-rating of 9 (up from 2) and overeating much less frequently, enjoying occasional healthier indulgences.

"My WhyPower is to be a fit mom, not a fat mom." — Mel J.

104 Pounds Combined Weight Loss

“Gayle is very supportive; not overwhelming or pushy. She provides helpful, timely and easy to follow suggestions that have really made the difference in our transition to a healthier lifestyle.” —Erika & Chris J., St. Paul MN

Erika & Chris before coaching vitals: 300 and 200 pounds, BMI's were grade III obesity and just shy of obese

Started with a one-year total transformation health coaching program with Coach Gayle in April 2015. Extended with a maintenance program for ongoing accountability and support.


‘Before’ behaviors:  After becoming parents, Erika's weight continued to creep upward. Chris had been ‘the pudgy kid’ all his life. At nearly 500 lbs together, they were experiencing many pains and taking too many medications to manage them. They were mostly sedentary with ingrained habits of overeating and nightly snacking and drinking.  

Erika & Chris today
Vitals: Shed 104 pounds collectively

New behaviors: Plant-centric diet, daily walking habit, prioritizing healthy home cooking, planning ahead for healthy snacks and meals while travelling. Erika is determined to continue her progress through consistency and patience in her active lifestyle. Chris now weighs what he did when he graduated high school and recently purchased a slimmer wardrobe---happily donating his too-large clothes to charity. He said he's certain he'll never need them again.

"Our WhyPower was reducing medications and aging well together." — Erika & Chris J. 

Group Results.png

Group Results: Health Habits Transformed & 120 Pounds Shed

Nine months of group coaching* provided accountability and support for solidifying positive health habits amongst four wellness seekers. Total pounds shed was 120, with huge progress in exercise habits, awareness and mindset shifts towards healthier living.

Group members averaged individual 30 pound losses, with one person shedding 53 pounds.

Post-program surveys confirmed these participant reflections

Biggest positive program outcome?

  • “Viewing exercise as daily self-care"

  • "Adopting a much healthier lifestyle"

  • "Believing I can lose the weight I need to live a healthy life"

  • "Awareness of my eating habits and strategies for making better choices”

Most supportive group coaching element for reaching goals?

  • “The group interaction and accountability"

  • "The holistic approach to wellness"

  • "Learning to be kind to myself and owning  my own choices”

    *Weekly meetings for 12 weeks, followed by every other week for 5 months

Mary Ellen 50.jpg

Mary Ellen R: New, healthier mindset and nearly 50 pounds lighter after group Whole Health Coaching


Behaviors before coaching: Lifetime of sedentariness, tried many diets and would lose a few pounds, quit and gain them back. Increasing health problems due to morbid obesity, COPD and diabetes.

Mary Ellen today:

  • Major mindset shift to healthier living, shed 36 pounds with a WhyPowered group coaching program, accountability and support .     

  • New lifestyle behaviors: Walks regularly (‘her new hobby’), works on balance and strength twice weekly. From a self-reported daily energy level of 2 to a 10! From loathing exercise to loving it. Now in her second coaching group and shedding pounds and living with vitality.