9 Healthy Weight Fundamentals

Diet myths and gimmicks abound year-round, but especially in January. Claims of quick and easy weight loss are commonly exaggerated and even if pounds melt away, our health often suffers in the process---both physically and emotionally-- when the pounds return.

The healthiest rate of weight loss (also the most sustainable) is one to two pounds per week that's based in lifestyle shifts; eating better, exercising more and keeping things in balance such as stress and sleep. Getting to and maintaining a healthy weight requires awareness and effort.  There are no easy and effective ways around that.  

These proven, science-backed weight loss fundamentals can help:

  • Controlling portions
  • Focusing on whole foods
  • Hydrating with mostly water
  • Purging your pantry of junk (fridge and freezer, too)
  • Exercising regularly
  • Avoiding simple carbs 
  • Avoiding extremes
  • Keeping regular sleep patterns
  • Proactively managing stress

Find your why,

Coach Gayle


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