Adulting Your Tastebuds


When I was five and thought my parents weren't looking, I'd sneak spoonfuls of sugar from the sugar bowl in the dining room buffet.

Kids are notorious for their obsession with sweets and for turning up their noses at most vegetables.They live in the moment, are ruled by their tastebuds and don't consider long-term implications of not eating a well-balanced diet. As adults, if we don't outgrow our childlike tastebuds, it can have major negative health impacts.

"Adulting" with our food choices needn't mean eating bland foods that only serve our health. Finding balance between enjoying flavorful food and food that is also good for us isn't easy, but there are many options today that hit that 'sweet spot'. Often a big shift involves adjusting our mindset to be open to possibilities. 

As we adjust our food choices to healthier, our taste buds reorient, too. As we navigate toward whole, unprocessed food, the junkier, processed stuff starts to lose its appeal. We can 'retrain' our taste buds at any age in life; while it requires determination and consistency, knowing your Why makes the journey much easier.   

My invitation to you

Be specific about the changes you want to make for upping your health game.
(Pssst: the biggest and most positive dietary shift most Americans can make is eating more fruit and veggies---only 3% get enough in their diets.) For accountability and support, get in touch. I'd be honored to be your guide.   

To your good health!

Coach Gayle

Certified Whole Health Coach
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

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