She did it! Health Hero Spotlight

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She Did It & So Can You

That’s the premise behind this feature: Real Life Health Heroes

We shine the spotlight on women who, with a little help from their Why Powered Health Coaching friends, have come unstuck on their journey to better health and sustainable weight loss.

We featured Jean in February when she was celebrating 30 pounds weight loss and we thought you’d want to celebrate with her the doubling of her success!   

Jean is now 61 pounds lighter with whole health coaching*

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Be inspired by Jean’s personal story in this two-minute excerpt of her transformation. Watch/listen here. 


 Behaviors before coaching:
Sedentary most of her life, tried many diets and would lose a few pounds, quit and gain them back. Had knee surgery and wanted to avoid a second surgery.  Was painful to simply walk.  Felt stuck and out of control with food choices. 
 Jean today

New lifestyle behaviors: Walks and enjoys intense gardening work nearly daily, no longer controlled by chocolate cravings, feels hopeful, confident and in control of her health, food and her life.

 61 pounds lighter with the accountability and support of WhyPowered group coaching

 “My WhyPowered Coaching Group and Coach Gayle
 made my transformative health journey possible. They helped me believe in my ability to succeed. My reinforcing success mantra is now 'Never Going Back!'”—Jean C.  

*Jean is one of seven women Coach Gayle has helped shed 50 pounds or more without dieting.   

To your good health!  

Coach Gayle