Mini Rant

I’m normally a pretty positive person, so excuse this mini rant …

We're skipping vacation days in the name of productivity. We're obsessed with our electronic gadgets and spend unhealthy numbers of hours each day sitting and not being active. Our sleep is disturbed and our diets are out of balance with processed, convenience foods because we are 'too busy' to shop and cook for ourselves.  

When the anxiety starts wearing on us and we head to our doctors for symptom relief, we too often rely on medication to 'fix it.' 

The answers aren't in a pill bottle.  

Prioritizing our own daily self-care, spending time in nature-- a natural de-stresser-- and making time for exercise and meal prep that's focused on whole foods to help our bodies stay in balance all help us be proactive and intentional with our wellbeing. Only 20% of chronic debilitating illnesses are genetic; The other 80% are based in our daily lifestyle choices.   

My invitation to you
As we welcome summer, find an outdoor activity or two you can enjoy each week.  Embrace it and make it your natural de-stressing 'you time.' 

To your good health!  

Coach Gayle

Certified Whole Health Coach
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer


What I do: I help women become proactive caretakers of their well-being and reach their 'happy' weight. With coaching, they connect to their deepest reasons for change--their WhyPower-- for getting their health habits in balance; eating cleaner, exercising consistently and proactively managing stress. With strength training, they get fit faster, optimize their body composition and love the skin they're in!