Status Quo Bias

There’s something that keeps many people stuck. It’s not a personal flaw, but a common cognitive bias that is simply part of being human. It might be keeping you from being your best self.  Watch and listen to learn how the ‘status quo bias’ can impact your health and get tips for getting unstuck from it.


The Status quo bias is the common psychological phenomenon

of being comfortable with what is familiar. Crazy thing about it?

It can be at work even with things we don’t like!  

It helps explain why we hang on to unhealthy habits.

Why we keep not exercising even though we know we feel better when we are active.

It helps explain why we can feel so comforted by that late night ice cream eating habit even

though we know it’s taking us farther and farther from our ‘happy weight. ‘ 

How do we power past this “let it ride” mode?

Step 1:      Build awareness of your habits

Step 2:     Connect to your Why

I call it your WhyPower and it is key. It’s your deep reasons for wanting to change and it is critical for making changes that are sustainable.  

 Of course, partnering with a professional coach for accountability and support makes a hugely positive difference as well. Get in touch to learn more.

To your good health!

Coach Gayle