Mindset Matters

Two months into 2019 is a great time to reflect on how we’re doing with our intentions for keeping our wellness and self-care routines on our priority list.

photo by Chase Clark, Unsplash

photo by Chase Clark, Unsplash

Goals, whether we set them for the year, a specific month, each week or even daily, are especially effective when we make them SMART(i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound). SMART goals act as roadmaps for our progress. (In my coaching groups we use them to measure weekly progress and aim for B grades; progress, not perfection!)

Here’s the thing; no matter the goal, the app we may use to nudge us into building a new habit nor the price of the gym membership we might have enthusiastically committed to, unless we’ve addressed our health mindset, we’re not likely to make habit shifts that last. The health improvement road is likely to be pothole-ridden with endless detours. 

The true foundational element of any lasting achievement is mindset. Trouble is, we humans tend to get overly tangled in knots about the 'how' and 'when' and don’t focus adequately on the 'why'. All the while paying little attention to the superpower housed between our ears.

When we build a strong foundation of why, the everyday choices for prioritizing our wellbeing and health (I call it "WhyPower") become much easier. (Hear Jean's story about how connecting to her WhyPower made all the difference.) And over time, healthy choices such as regular exercise, clean eating and proactive stress management become our new default way of being. 

My 2-part invitation to you

1. Take one minute to look into the future by watching this video that dramatically demonstrates the difference between being a proactive vs. reactive caretaker of one’s health. (Ignore that it’s produced by a Canadian health care organization; the message is universal.)

1-minute video look into the future 

2.Reflect on what you want your next 10-20 years to look like and what being proactive with your health means.  

To your good health!

Coach Gayle