Know Why

Shout-Out to Oprah for recognizing the importance of knowing “Why”.

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A recent cover of Weight Watchers Magazine featuring Oprah Winfrey 
The New Year is a great time to reinforce the fundamental reasons for making health a priority, whether you are working on improvements or you are in a more of a maintenance mode, good health requires effort and intention. 

(Check out this one-minute video for a powerful glimpse into the future and kick in the behind for being a more intentional caretaker of your well-being:

Only you can identify your personal Why about your health and it's critical if you want to make changes that last. Willpower is fleeting, but what I call WhyPower triumphs over it time and time again. Let me explain...
Your Why comes from answering deep questions such as:

  • Why is your health important to you?

  • How do you want to age?

  • How will your life (and your family's) change if your health is compromised?

These questions are fundamental; without this basic knowledge and understanding of your Whyit's tough to successfully manage the 'whats and hows' around change. Turning this into a personal WhyPower mantra brings emotion and passion to your health improvement efforts.

When your WhyPower is strong, the difficulty of changing old, unhealthy habits into new and healthy ones is fueled by passion and commitment. It helps you take on a new, healthier mindset that is sustainable. It helps you choose better for yourself on tough days when you are tired and feel like falling into old, familiar comforting habits.  

So instead of relying on willpower and to 'lose weight and fit into a smaller pants size,' your WhyPower becomes like rocket fuel for your change journey. It gets you out of bed when you'd rather hit the snooze button and helps you say no to brownies and yes to salad and whole grains.  

Here's a short TED talk by Simon Sinek that brilliantly describes the power of why: 

To your good health!

Coach Gayle