Getting In Our Own Way

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Lots of things can impede our progress for building healthier habits and shedding excess weight. 

The most common obstacle? 

Our own thought patterns.

It’s amazing how much life can shift when we modify our thinking.

A few examples:

A shift from thinking “I should eat more vegetables’
“I’m choosing healthier food for myself that nourishes my body” makes upping your veggie intake easier.
A shift from viewing exercise as a ‘chore’
seeing it as a celebration of your body’s capabilities and as ‘me time’ that provides balance and stress relief makes prioritizing living an active lifestyle easier.
A shift from feeling overwhelmed by life demands
feeling grateful for the opportunity to grow stronger makes prioritizing your proactive stress management routines feel less burdensome.
Getting out of our own way—our habitual thought patterns—is a key element for making progress with changing health habits. Executional things such as caloric balance certainly play a role in weight loss success as do myriad other factors, but the crucial changes happen in our mindsets. 
To your good health!

Coach Gayle

Certified Whole Health Coach

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer


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