Real Life Health Heroes

If they can do it, you can do it.

That’s the premise behind this feature: Real Life Health Heroes.

Group Coaching and WhyPower Changed Her Life

Group Coaching and WhyPower Changed Her Life

We shine the spotlight on people who, with a little help from their WhyPowered Whole Health Coaching friends, have come unstuck on their journey to better health and sustainable weight loss.

Please read beyond the headlines to gain inspiration from deep-rooted changes these Real Life Health Heroes achieved. Perhaps we can feature your transformation some day!

Mary Ellen R.: 34 pounds lighter after group coaching

 Vitals: Behaviors before coaching ... Completely sedentary, tried many diets and would lose a few pounds, quit and gain them back. Increasing health problems due to obesity and diabetes.


 Mary Ellen today:

·Shed 28 pounds with a WhyPowered group coaching program and another 6 pounds with an individual maintenance program for 34 total loss and counting.     

·New lifestyle behaviors: Walks regularly (‘her new hobby’), works on balance and strength twice weekly, determined to scale a mountain in the fall on a family trip. From a self-reported daily energy level of 2 to a 10! From loathing exercise to loving it.


MER Why Collage.jpg

Mary Ellen made her WhyPower come alive in pictures

Gayle and her coaching group supported me through the changes I needed to make; I am healthier, stronger and happier now. She helped me find my ‘Why’ and that changed everything for me. The rest---the what and how-to-- was then easier. My family and friends tell me they are so proud of the changes I've made and are glad I will be here, engaged in life for many more years.”—Mary Ellen R.



To your good health!  

 Coach Gayle

PS If you’re struggling to improve your health and maintain a healthy weight, consider partnering with a certified weight loss/health coach for accountability and one-on-one support. Get in touch to arrange your 30-minute no-obligation discovery conversation to find out if coaching is the missing piece in your weight loss and wellness puzzle. 


“That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.” --Abraham Lincoln