Healthy Weight Fundamental #7: Avoid Extremes


The seventh of my nine healthy weight fundamentals is “Avoid Extremes.”Here’s all you need to know about this tenet:

Our bodies and brains don’t respond well to extremes of anything.  That’s why developing skills around moderation help keep us healthy. These guidelines should help:


Practice avoiding the ‘edges’ of hunger. When we think of hunger on a 1 to10 scale (with 1 being famished and 10 being stuffed), most people function best in the 3 to 8 range. Healthier food choices are easier when we aren’t famished. 


No need to train like an Olympic athlete to feel better and see benefits from exercise.  All movement is good, but aim for building a habit of 30 minutes daily moderate intensity activity. Regularly minding the four pillars of physical fitness---cardio, strength, flexibility and balance--- will dramatically impact how you age.  


The minimum for sleep for optimal health is seven hours nightly. It helps us keep our stress in-check, immune function high, optimizes mood and productivity and keeps our obesity risk lower. 


How well we manage our daily stress has huge implications for our health. Cardiovascular exercise and yoga are the most effective for keeping stress in-check. Meditation, a daily gratitude practice, a whole foods focused diet, regular fun and exercise all help, too.      

Coach Gayle

P.S. A favorite quote of mine:  Everything in moderation, except love.