Individual Coaching for Reaching and Maintaining Whole Health


Get Unstuck & Take Control

You deserve to feel happy, confident, and enjoy vibrant health regardless of your life stage or size. If you are feeling stuck or struggling for traction on making health improvements or shedding pounds, consider a whole health coaching partnership.


When we start off to take charge of our health, we all begin with a strong determination to change. But relying on willpower – a fleeting resource – to stay the course over weeks, months and years rarely is sustainable with daily temptations and stresses that abound. WhyPowered Whole Health Coaching helps you connect your health goals to what you truly value in life – your personal WhyPower. That's when big, sustainable shifts happen in your mindset and your deeper reasons for change fuel your commitment and passion.

Your mindset recalibrates and you begin a journey toward healthier daily choices that support your well-being. Instead of deprivation and shoulds that are common in dieting, with WhyPower, you learn to make better choices for your self and to prioritize your health and self-care.

Your coaching program begins with a 60-minute kick-off session followed by weekly 30-minute conversations with your coach to keep you focused on, and accountable for achieving your goals. We celebrate what’s gone well and strategize around what’s impeding your progress. Weekly supportive accountability has a powerful impact. If you get off-track, your coach helps you quickly get refocused and moving forward with determination and understanding. There’s never any shame or ‘shoulding”so common with commercial diet approaches.

Resources and Guidance

Your certified whole health coach provides you with resources based in experience in nutrition, physical fitness training, stress management and behavior change. You'll receive a proprietary playbook to support your mindset shift to healthier choices. Your coach will also connect you to other wellness-focused educational and online resources for provide additional  support throughout your journey. 

Patience and Consistency

These are two keys skills WhyPowered Whole Health Coaching helps you build that are critical to weight loss and maintenance. Most clients shed between one and two pounds per week during their coaching program-–the healthiest and most sustainable rate of weight loss.


Our clients report confidence as among the most transformative shift they make from a whole health coaching program. Coaching helps you make changes with certainty in your daily choices around food, exercise and stress management. You go from feeling out of control and out of balance with your health and weight to taking charge and feeling self-confident and in control.

Empowerment, Encouragement & Support

The difference between dieting and coaching is huge. Coaching stresses positivity, while diets typically require cants and shoulds.  On a diet, someone else tells you what to eat or not to eat. With coaching, you learn to make better choices for yourself and your health. It's a positive and powerful mindset shift that takes place when “I can’t have that turns into “I don’t want that because I want and deserve better for myself and my body.Your coach supports you in the plateaus and encourages you to embrace your personal WhyPower as your rocket fuel for the journey.


With all of these coaching benefits, the results you want are within reach! Get unstuck in meeting your health and weight loss goals. You deserve to feel good in your body, to be happy and feel in control of your health. Invest in your health and your future life quality. There’s truly is no greater gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones.



One-On-One Coaching

  • 12 & 20 week programs

  • Ongoing maintenance programs for sustaining , group & 1-on-1

Combo One-On-One Coaching and Fitness Training

  • 12 week programs

Fitness Training Only

  • Weekly or bi-weekly training for women at state-of-the-art Clayton-area fitness facility

Additional Services

  • Grocery store tour and shopping assistance

  • Pantry purge


  1. Request a no-cost, initial 15-minute phone consultation or in-person meeting if in St. Louis area

  2. Confirm fit

  3. Get started on your journey to a healthier you

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