Diets fail. 95% of the time. They rely on fleeting willpower and leave us feeling deprived and defeated. As a woman who may have struggled to get to your happy weight and a healthier place, you know that.
What works is finding your WHY. When you connect your weight loss and wellness goals to something deeply meaningful to you, it changes everything. When you shift your mindset, everything flows into place.

What Is Whole Health Coaching?

Its foundation is saying NO to diets and YES to trusting your body. We help you do just that through conversation-based sessions, guidance and positive accountability. All without deprivation, calorie counting or quick-fix gimmicks.

With coaching, you make a powerful mindset shift to healthier, sustainable habits that help you:

  • Choose satisfying foods that energize

  • Tame stress, emotional eating and negative self-talk

  • Build consistent exercise habits


Jean’s Journey: 70 Lighter Pounds & Counting

Jean C. is one of many women we’ve helped lose 50 or more pounds and keep it off.

Watch this :20 second video to understand how Jean was empowered by WhyPowered Whole Health Coaching. Then visit our RESULTS page to hear more from other happy, healthy WhyPowered clients.