Women benefit greatly from strength training. The catch phrase 'use it or lose it’ is certainly true of our strength as we age. Training, even with light or medium weights, is the sole method to slow the natural aging impact of muscle loss that happens at 10 percent per decade after the age of about 40. Unless we’re fighting against it. (This explains slowing metabolism and tendency of expanding waistlines.)

Strength training (or body weight/resistance exercises) is the main way we can maintain and direct our body composition i.e. our fat to muscle ratio. Click here for the other benefits you get from adding strength training to your exercise routine.

Why don’t more women strength train if it’s so great? Unfortunately, there are many myths that get in our way. Click here to get clear about the most common ones.

There are so many reasons to live an active life. As a whole health coach, I focus on the myriad benefits, but click here to understand the negative things that happen when you lead a mostly inactive life.

Check out the transformation of this real-life client who followed a combo fitness and coaching program with Coach Gayle and realized great results.

Need a nudge or not sure where to begin? Get in touch for my 9 proven tips for building an exercise habit that lasts.

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s an adapted summary from an excellent book, Younger Next Year, about all the reasons to make strength training a regular part of your wellness routine. And a super-compelling but easy- to-read Time Magazine article about The New Science of Exercise that will likely have you dancing in the streets nightly after reading it!

About Coach Gayle’s Fitness Training

  • I work exclusively with women (exception is some couples)

  • With an encouraging approach, I meet you where you are in your level of fitness, and help you push yourself further than where you could go on your own (without extremes)

  • I do in-home training and train at Homewood Suites near the St. Louis Galleria, a semi-private, clean facility available only to a few fitness trainers (so it’s rarely crowded). The short video above gives a preview of this awesome fitness facility.

  • My rates are very reasonable; email or call for details

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