We understand you want be happy with your shape and feel in control of your health. To help get you there, Whole Health Coaching focuses on your mindset. Everything flows from there. 

Stress and our environments challenge us in leading healthy lifestyles … they invite us to be sedentary and rely on convenience foods that don’t support our health.  We feel out of control and adopt a “why bother mindset.” Or, we may think diets are a solution, but they fail us, too, 95% of the time.


To overcome these forces, we must begin with our mindset and how we prioritize our well-being on a daily basis. When we connect to our Why for being healthy - those things in life that are deeply important - it works like rocket fuel for the journey. 

Whole Health Coaching provides encouragement, support and accountability to help you get unstuck and moving toward feeling healthy and in control.  We do it without gimmicks or quick fixes. We are experts in helping you change habits that impede your well-being.

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Private Coaching

Here’s How Private Coaching Works

STEP 1: We start with a private 60-minute wellness assessment between you and Coach Gayle. This takes place in person if you are local to the St. Louis area or via phone/facetime for any other locations. During this session, you and Coach Gayle will work to identify your personal WhyPower and develop a plan.

STEP 2: Weekly 30-minute sessions for 12 or 20-weeks via phone or facetime. These “virtual” sessions fit the busiest lifestyles. In these sessions our focus is:

  • Setting realistic goals

  • Providing guidance, support and encouragement

  • Holding you accountable for your progress

We help you shift to healthier, sustainable habits that will serve you for a lifetime. We help you develop patience and consistency to get to (and stay) at your happy weight. 

STEP 3: Ongoing maintenance. To help ensure your continued success, we offer two choices for ongoing maintenance. You can pick either or both: 1) Purchase maintenance packages in 200-minute blocks for you to use as needed, typically in 15-minute conversation check-ins or 2) Join our twice-monthly, women-only in-person support groups, following a personalized plan that fits your needs.

If you’re ready to stop wishing for a body you love and instead take control of your health habits without dieting, deprivation, calorie counting or points, get in touch to begin your journey to a healthier you.